Why Commission a New Work?

  • To celebrate an important anniversary of your ensemble
  • To honor or memorialize a member, patron, or friend of your ensemble
  • To dedicate a new performance space or building 
  • To add to the diversity of music for worship or concerts
  • To give recognition to your ensemble because your name will appear in the dedication line of each copy of the score sold following the premiere
  • Have the opportunity to work on a piece created especially for you and your ensemble

Who can Commission a New Work?

Essentially, anyone can. I have been commissioned by individuals, schools, choirs, theaters, churches, large and small ensembles. 

What does it cost to Commission a New Work?

Many factors enter into the answer of this question. The length of the piece, the performing forces (is it for a choir unaccompanied, a choir with piano, a chamber instrumental piece, or a full orchestral work, etc.), the schedule of the commission (how long does the composer have to finish the work?) Where and when will the new work be performed, along with any budgetary considerations of the commissioner all get factored into the cost of the composition. 

Once all these factors are discussed, and a fee is agreed, a contract will be created specifying all the details of the commission including the time frame of the commission, payment details, performance details of the premiere, and any future publication details.

“I have commissioned from Peter several times. Once for an advanced church handbell piece and later for a middle school choral piece. Peter was incredibly responsive with clear communication throughout the process. He was sensitive to the specific needs for both ensembles. We now not only have special new musical works…but also invaluable memories and experiences as part of his composition process! I am already looking forward to the next opportunity to work with him!” 

Peter “PJ” Heckman

Choir Director Pond Rd Middle School, Robbinsville School District

What else do you offer with your commissions?

  • I will meet with your ensemble, virtually via zoom/facetime or in person if possible to discuss the piece and the process
  • I can offer for an additional fee, an original poem written specifically for your ensemble’s needs by my collaborative poet, Mark A. Boyle
  • If you wish, I can also be available for a residency at your ensemble’s location. Residencies vary from ensemble to ensemble, if you’re interested in my coming to your location for an extended period of time, let me know in the additional comments section below and we can discuss it further.

How do I get started?

Send me an inquiry via this form.  This is in no way an agreement, it is just a way to open up a conversation with me about a new piece for your ensemble…

*Please include the date you wish the piece completed, and the desired voicing or instrumentation in your message. Thank you!

Recent Commissions

  • Vox Philia
    • David A. McConnell, Artistic Director and Conductor
  •  Cantus Novus
    • Ed McCall, Artistic Director and Conductor
  •  Central Bucks High School West Choir
    • Joseph Ohrt, Director
  •  Newtown Middle School Choir
    • Mark Dolan, Choir Director
  •  Pittsburgh Compline Choir
    • Mark A. Boyle, Director of Music